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How to Use Teamup as a Free Service

When you create a free Teamup Calendar, it is much more than a free trial. A Teamup Calendar, on the Basic plan, is a free service that will not expire. Users can continue to use the features available on the Basic (free) plan for as long as needed.


Over time,  new features may be added that will only be available to paid subscribers.

But users on the Basic plan will not be required to purchase a subscription to one of Teamup’s paid plans. You can continue to use your free Teamup Calendar.

If you take advantage of a special offer, but choose not to continue with the higher-tier subscription once the special offer ends, your calendar will remain unchanged and no settings or data will be lost.

See more details about Teamup’s free service →

Note that if you revert to a Basic plan after being on a paid plan, sub-calendars over the Basic plan limit will not longer be available; however, their data is not lost. If you reinstate a paid plan, you will be able to access those calendars once again.

If you are interested in the paid options supported by Teamup, see our pricing plan for more details.  To upgrade or renew your plan, go to Settings > Subscription within your existing calendar.

Updated on February 10, 2023
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