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Access to Historical Data

Your Teamup Calendar automatically stores events in your calendar that are in the past (historical data). This article discusses how you can access your historical calendar data.

Your subscription plan determines how much of your historical data you can access. See the pricing page for details.

On the free Basic plan, historical data that is more than one year old becomes inaccessible on a rolling basis. In other words, data older than one year becomes inaccessible to you; however, the calendar data is not lost or deleted.

On the Basic plan, similarly, it is not possible to add events to a date that is more than one year in the past.

If you upgrade to a paid subscription plan, you can access all historical data allowed on the upgraded subscription plan. The upgrade also allows you to add events to a past date that is further back than one year.

You can upgrade at any time to instantly gain access to more of your historical data.

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Updated on February 7, 2023
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