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How to share events and customize sharing options

Each event on a Teamup Calendar can be shared via the Share menu and made accessible to users who otherwise may or may not have access to the calendar or any calendar link.

How to share events

The Share menu is accessible via:

  • the right-click context menu of the event on any calendar view
  • the event editor if you have the modifying permission to the calendar
  • the event viewer if you click an event on a read-only calendar
  • buttons on the event page
Right-click an event on the calendar to bring up the context menu


By default, the sharing options allows you to:

However, if you’re the calendar administrator of a Teamup Calendar, you may need to restrict the options to only those that are appropriate to your organization. This is possible now and you can enable or disable any of the options as needed.

Configure share options

Under Settings >  General Settings, the Event Sharing section lets you configure event sharing:

Selecting the option NO, this will completely disable event sharing and remove the Share menu from all access points.

Clicking Configure… will show a list of all available sharing services:

Deactivating one of these services will remove that option from the Share menu as shown below on the right:


  • Disabling event sharing as pages does not prevent access to event pages that have already been created, it only prevents the creation of new pages.
  • The customized Share menu is only available on the Web version via a web browser, including web browsers on mobile devices. The sharing options on mobile apps may depend on the apps available on the device and the device settings.
  • Access to individual events shared via the Share menu as described in this article does not require access to calendars, which refers to access to all events on all or selected sub-calendars.
Updated on July 1, 2021