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How to Use a Teamup User Account

Anyone can create a Teamup user account. Teamup user accounts are free and provide access to several important calendar features.

With a user account, you can do the following:

  • Have account-based calendar access via your user account. Calendar administrators can grant calendar access to Teamup users, organize users in groups, and manage calendar access and permission levels.
  • Keep all your calendar links in a dashboard, so you don’t need to bookmark them one by one.
  • Set up and manage event reminders, so you don’t miss any important upcoming events.

Creating a user account and login to your account

You may receive an invitation via email to join a Teamup calendar as an account-based user. If so, simply follow the link in the invitation email.

Or, to get started, register here. Or click the link Create a Teamup account on the login page:

Note: the option to reset password on the login page refers to the password for your user account. If you have not yet created a user account, you do not have a user account password. This reset password option will not reset a password for any calendar link you may have created in the past.  You can access your calendar as usual via your calendar link, without logging into a user account.

Optionally, if you have created a user account, you can add your calendar link to the calendar dashboard of your user account for quick access.

What to expect with a user account

When you log into your Teamup user account, you will notice a few differences when you access your Teamup Calendars.

Calendar dashboard

  • You will see a green  button on a Teamup Calendar that has not been added to your dashboard. Click the button to add it to your user account dashboard for easy access.

Event reminders

  • When you view or edit an event, you will see the option to enable reminders for that event.
  • In your calendar preferences under the blue calendar menu calendar menu in the top right, you can select Default Reminders and set reminders for all events on individual sub-calendars.

Profile picture

  • Once you have created your user account, you can upload a new image or change your existing profile picture. 

Click on the avatar icon listed in the top right corner of your calendar. Select the option Profile and, in the new screen, click on Change Avatar.

You will have the option to upload your own image or you can choose to display your initial.

More about user accounts


Your user account password is only used to login to your user account. Calendar passwords are set up separately.

To open a password-protected calendar link, you still need to enter the calendar password to access that calendar even if you are logged into your Teamup user account.

Calendar access

If you choose not to create a Teamup user account, you will still be able access Teamup calendar via shareable calendar links.

If you are not logged into your Teamup user account, you are still able to access your Teamup calendars via a calendar link.

You can share your Team calendar via a shareable calendar link with individuals who do not have a Teamup user account.

Good to know

  • When you are logged into your Teamup user account, you will see a green button on calendars that have not been added to your dashboard. Click the green + button to add the calendar to your dashboard.
  • When you are logged into your Teamup user account, you can access your account profile and calendar dashboard from any of your calendars: your account avatar will appear in the upper right hand corner of the calendar. Click on your account avatar for the account menu, which includes Dashboard, Profile, Applications, and Logout.
  • Do you have multiple Teamup calendars associated with different email addresses? No problem. Go to your Profile and you can add additional email addresses to your user account.
  • You can create a new calendar from within the dashboard. Simply click on the green “Create calendar” button at the top of the dashboard.

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Updated on November 10, 2020
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