Event Reminders

Currently Teamup Calendar does not support direct reminders or alerts a certain number of minutes or hours before the event is scheduled to take place.  However, there are some possible workarounds that may serve your needs.


You may consider  exporting specific Teamup events to a personal calendar. For example, when you open an event on your Teamup Calendar and click Share, then choose your personal calendar, e.g. iCal if you are using an Apple device. Before you click “Add to Calendar” you will have the option to set an alert x minutes before the event takes place.

With this approach, you set up reminders within your iCal. Similarly you can set up reminders within Google Calendar or Outlook. The advantage of this approach is that you only set up reminders for selected events on your Teamup Calendar but not all events on a specific sub-calendar or sub-calendars.


You can also subscribe to your Teamup Calendar from other calendar appplications. For example, using iCal on your iPhone, you can enable event alerts for the subscribed calendar. Similarly you can do so with Google Calendar or Outlook, etc.  Note that the alert setting would apply to all events on your subscribed Teamup Calendar.


You can set up a Teamup Calendar to send a Daily Agenda email that lists the the upcoming events for the current day. This could serve as a type of reminder. For more details see here.


In case you are interested in receiving email notifications when changes occur on your calendar, you can indeed set up notifications.



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