How to Export Events to Other Calendars


Teamup supports the exporting of single events to other calendars that support the iCalendar standard (.ics files). This includes Google Calendar, Apple iCal, MS Outlook, Yahoo Calendar and many more.

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There are two ways to export a single event:

Option 1:  Export an event from the context menu

  1. Right-click the event bubble to open the context menu (see below).  Events can also be exported from the event viewer / editor.
  2. Click on Share and select the destination calendar application.

Export to Google Calendar

Option 2: Export an event from the event page

Any event on a Teamup Calendar has its own unique URL. You may be viewing an event page because someone shared the event page with you or you followed the event link in your notification email. The header of an event page offers the possibilities to export the event to various popular calendaring solutions:

exporting event from a Teamup event page

Click on the icon of your personal calendar to initiate the export or share on social media:

page share options


Export an entire calendar to other calendar and spreadsheet programs

You can export all your Teamup Calendar data to a .csv or .ics file. Then import it into another calendar program. See how to bulk export here.

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