Bulk Export of Calendars to a File

Teamup supports the bulk export of calendar events to a file. This feature is available to calendar administrators in the Settings of a calendar.

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Supported export formats

Teamup currently supports two file formats for exporting calendar data:

  • ICS Format (iCalendar): The ics format is a standardized format for the exchange of calendar data among calendaring products. This format is useful for backup or the migration of calendar data from one product to another product. It provides full support for repeating events.
  • CSV Files (comma separated values): The CSV format is well-supported by spreadsheet tools like MS Excel and many database products. Support for repeating events is limited with this format.

How to use bulk export

Bulk export is available to calendar administrators in Settings > Export Events:

export calendar data to .csv or .ics files

Use cases

Bulk export of calendars events is useful for various use cases:

  • periodically backup your Teamup Calendar by doing a bulk export of all calendars.
  • migration of calendar data to other calendar services or content management systems.
  • integration of Teamup with other systems, apps, and tools.

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