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How to Use Add-To-Calendar Links

Make it easy for others to add events to their personal calendar.

If you are promoting events in emails, newsletters, or on your website, here’s a sharing option that makes it easy for your readers and community members to add the event to their own calendar without opening the event on a web page nor access to the calendar.

Here’s how:

  1. In a browser, open the event and click on Share.
  2. Choose ‘As Link’ from the list of sharing options.
  3. Copy the add-to-calendar links in the style you prefer.

You can paste the add-to-calendar links into an email, website, etc.

Options and styles


There are two levels of permissions for add-to-calendar links.

If you access the calendar with a Teamup user account, you have the option to choose who can add the event to their calendar: anyone with the link, or only calendar users with a Teamup account:

Anyone with the link: This permission allows anyone with the link to add the event to their calendar, e.g. anyone in your town is welcome to a neighborhood food festival, or all students and parents are invited to a football match at your school.

Calendar users with a Teamup user account only: This permission allows only account-based users of your calendar to add the event to their calendar. This also means that:

  • those who have a Teamup account but do not have access to your calendar will not be able to add the event to their own calendar.
  • those who have access to your calendar via shareable link (not account-based access) will not be able to add the event to their own calendar.

This is a great way to limit the access of an event to people who are already users of your calendar/members of you organization. For example, when sharing a project review meeting, you may want to invite only your team members and ensure the details in the calendar event will not be added to any outsiders’ calendars.


There are four styles for the add-to-calendar links. Click the numbers to switch between different styles, then click Copy to copy:

Styles 3 and 4 provide a plain-text link that opens an Add-to-Calendar link page, like this:

For any style, click the angle brackets in the bottom right to copy the source code.



Updated on December 12, 2022
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