Assign One Event to Multiple Calendars

Teamup Calendar supports the assignment of one event to multiple calendars. The calendar administrator can enable or disable this feature in Settings.

How to use it in events

If enabled, the event editor allows the assignment of multiple calendars to one event:

How to enable / disable this feature

Support for multiple calendars per event can be enabled and disabled in Settings -> General Settings:

Events that are assigned to multiple calendars can be set to display in either a single box with coloured stripes or multiple single coloured boxes:

Use cases

The ability to assign an event to multiple calendars has many different use cases. Here a few examples:

  • Team Calendar: Assign multiple team members to one event
  • Reservation Calendar: Reserve multiple pieces of equipment, rooms or vehicles to one event.
  • Project Calendar: Assign multiple resources such as people, rooms, equipment, etc.
  • Content Calendar: Assign events to content categories and content types.
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