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What are the event sharing options?

Teamup Calendars are designed for groups with built-in features that make collaboration and sharing events easy. The event sharing options, available from the Sharing menu, make it easy to share any event in a variety of ways.

You can access the Sharing menu in four ways: in the event editor, in the event viewer (if you have read-only access to a calendar), in the right-click context menu, or via the buttons on the event page.

When you open the Sharing menu, you will see the event sharing options:

The event sharing options include the following:

  • Share with others:
  • Share to another calendar:
    • another Teamup calendar
    • Google calendar
    • Outlook
    • iCal
    • Others (via .ics)

If you are the calendar administrator, you can customize which event sharing options appear on the Sharing menu. This can be helpful if you want to restrict the built-in ways that calendar users can share an event from the calendar. See more information here.

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Updated on March 28, 2024
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