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How to Prevent Double Bookings

Teamup Calendar can be an efficient reservation and booking management platform for simple booking needs, such as appointments, resource sharing, or reserving meeting rooms or event spaces. To prevent double bookings, use the option to disallow overlapping events. 

How to disallow overlapping events

Reminder: to access calendar settings, you must have administrator access and use a browser. Calendar settings are not the same as user account settings.

When setting overlapping events to be disallowed, the setting applies within one sub-calendar only. Events from different sub-calendars will be allowed to overlap.

  1. Go to SettingsCalendars.
  2. Look at the Overlapping Events setting for each calendar.
  3. Click it to turn the feature on or off as desired for each sub-calendar.
  4. The green arrow indicates that events of the same sub-calendar can overlap, while the red cross means that events of the same sub-calendar cannot overlap, thus preventing double-booking. 

Scheduling conflict error message

If a sub-calendar is set to disallow overlapping events, an error message will prevent such events from being created.

For example, if a calendar user attempts to create an event that overlaps with an existing event on the sub-calendar, an error message will show, indicating a scheduling conflict. The conflicting event will not be allowed to be saved to the sub-calendar until the time/date is adjusted to prevent overlap.


Helpful tips

  • When assigning events to more than one sub-calendar where one or more sub-calendars are set to not allow double bookings, the rule to disallow overlapping events will take precedence. For example, if there is a conflict on one of those sub-calendars, the event will not be saved.
  • The overlapping rule also takes into account any recurring series of events that run for weeks or months into the future.
Updated on May 16, 2023
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