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What is administrator access?

Note: if you created a Teamup calendar prior to September 2020, you may have an administrator link without having a user account. It is highly recommended that you change to account-based admin access for better security. To do so, follow these detailed steps.

Administrator access is the key to the “control center” of your calendar. When a new calendar is created, the person who creates it is automatically given administrator access.

The calendar Settings can only be accessed when viewing your calendar as an administrator.

  • The calendar settings are the control center for your entire calendar. Within the Settings, you can add users and groups, control sharing via users and links, and set up passwords and general calendar settings.

For sharing your calendar, or allowing calendar access to other users, either use account-based user access (most secure) or create customized shareable calendar links.

Administrator access can be granted to other account users as needed.

Be very careful when granting administrator access to your calendar: do not grant administrator access to another user unless you want that individual to have full control of the calendar. To allow full control of all calendar events–without giving access to the Settings–grant full Modify access to an account user.


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Updated on January 25, 2024
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