Event Comments

It is possible to allow comments on individual events. This is a new feature that is currently in beta. All feedback would be appreciated.

Enabling Comments for Events

  1. Open the event editor
  2. Click Options and select Comments
    comments option
  3. Enable comments and select who can add/view comments. The options are “All users” and “Users with modify permission”.
    comments enable

Once it is saved, users can comment and view existing comments on the specific events.

Adding and Viewing Comments

Once the Comment feature is enabled, users can add and view comments in event viewer, event editor, and event page. Users with read-only access to the event or the calendar may add events as well.

comments in event viewer or editor

When adding a new comment, the user is asked to enter name and/or email address. However both are optional. Similarly, the comment section appears on the event page:

comments on event page

Some Examples of Use Cases

  • Field crews are often given read-only access to scheduled jobs. A crew member may now add a note to the event to update the job status or when the job is done.
  • Participants of conference calls may be invited to post ideas or feedback related to the specific conference call without submitting all that information via email.
  • School or community events may call for volunteers or resource contributions from the community. Interested parties may respond or sign up directly in the event comments section.

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