The Scheduler View

Scheduling people, facilities or booking rooms and items are typical tasks when working in a group context.
You can view the schedule of individual resources side by side at any specific time using the Scheduler View.

 Live Demo: Try the Scheduler View Now!

How to use the Scheduler view

  • First, the calendar administrator needs to enable the Scheduler View in Settings > Calendar Views.
  • The option will be displayed in the top right corner among the other available viewing options. These views are available to all current users.
  • The screens below show the three different views of the same calendar. The scheduler view demonstrates the visual advantage of having the availability of each resource or person grouped in a separate column.

Scheduler View

One day at a time

Currently the scheduler view displays one day’s events at a time.  Use the on-screen navigation options to move from one day to the next.

Viewing a small number of calendars

As each resource occupies its own column on the display, it is best to display only a small number of sub calendars at a time so that there is adequate space for each column. You can easily hide or show selected calendars.

Entering new events in the Scheduler view

When you click to create an event in the Scheduler view, the selected Calendar in the event editor defaults to the sub-calendar represented by the column you click in.

Copying or moving events between columns

  • If you drag an event from one column to another, the Calendar for that event is automatically updated to the targeted sub-calendar.
  • Ctrl-drag to copy an event from column A to column B and the copied version of the event will be automatically assigned to Calendar B.

  • This simplifies the process of copying or moving events since the resulting event is automatically in the new time and on the new calendar.
  • With all the other views, the same actions would only result in the time change – the associated calendar would need to be manually changed if necessary.


If multiple people are participating in one event, display only participants’ calendars in the scheduler view. Create an entry in the calendar for one of the participants. Ctrl-drag-and-drop the entry into the columns of the other participants, resulting in an identical entry for each of the participants without any further editing needed.