Managing Calendar Links: Add, Change or Delete User Links

It is very easy to change/add/delete calendar links or edit link permissions without creating a new calendar.  It is recommended to create a unique calendar link for each user or user group.  If an employee leaves your organization and you need to revoke his access to your calendar, simply delete […]

How to Embed Teamup Calendar within Blogger

It is easy to embed a Teamup calendar within Blogger. Login to your Blogger account From the left menu, choose ‘Pages’ Click on ‘New Page’. You are now in the blog editor. Give your new page a title Click the ‘HTML’ tab and enter the following code, make sure to replace […]

How to Create and Update Recurring Events

It is straightforward to create recurring or repeating events that are series of events with a repetitive nature. Supported recurrence patterns includes for example: Weekly on Thursdays at 8:00AM, until December 31, 2018 Every weekday at 8:00am, forever On the first Monday of every month at 10:00am, for 5 times Yearly on July 4, […]