Advantages of the Two Week Calendar View

We here at Teamup understand that how you view information– that is, the way it is presented for use– is important to productivity and effective resource management.  That is why we’ve created several flexible calendar view options.  One particular view– the Two-Week view— can be a good starting place if […]

Managing Calendar Links: Add, Change or Delete User Links

It is very easy to change/add/delete calendar links or edit link permissions without creating a new calendar.  It is recommended to create a unique calendar link for each user or user group.  If an employee leaves your organization and you need to revoke his access to your calendar, simply delete […]

How to Embed Teamup Calendar within Blogger

It is easy to embed a Teamup calendar within Blogger. Login to your Blogger account From the left menu, choose ‘Pages’ Click on ‘New Page’. You are now in the blog editor. Give your new page a title Click the ‘HTML’ tab and enter the following code, make sure to replace […]

How to Create and Update Recurring Events

It is straightforward to create recurring or repeating events that are series of events with a repetitive nature. Supported recurrence patterns include for example: Weekly on Tuesday at 6:00pm, until December 31, 2016 Every weekday at 8:00am, forever On the first Monday of every month at 10:00am, for 5 times Yearly on July 4, […]