Managing Calendar Links: Add, Change or Delete User Links

With Teamup Calendar, calendars are accessed via unique calendar links. It is very easy to create new links, modify or delete calendar links, or edit link permissions. You can do all of this without creating a new calendar. About calendar links We recommend creating a unique calendar link for each […]

How to Embed Teamup Calendar within Blogger

It is easy to embed a Teamup calendar within Blogger. Login to your Blogger account. From the left menu, choose Pages. Click on New Page. You are now in the blog editor. Give your new page a title. Click the HTML tab and enter the following code, making sure to replace […]

How to Create and Update Recurring Events

With Teamup Calendar, it’s easy to create recurring or repeating events. You can customize recurrence patterns and set a limit on the type of repetition and how many repetitions occur. Here are several examples of supported repeating event patterns: Weekly on Thursdays at 8:00AM, until December 31, 2018 Every weekday […]