How to Change Calendar Start Date

Change calendar default start date

In most cases it makes sense to start a calendar with the current date in view. There are cases, however, where it is preferable to choose a past or future date as the default view date. With Teamup it is easy to change the calendar start date. Imagine a calendar used to plan a conference program. For such a calendar, it makes sense to select the start day of the conference as the default view date. This and similar scenarios are supported with the configurable calendar’s start date.

Go to Settings > Date & Time > Start Date of your calendar to see available options:

Calendar links parameters

Sometimes it is desirable to apply configuration options only to selected calendar links. This can be easily achieved this by applying calendar link parameters.  Supported start date configurations include:

date=yyyy-mm-dd  Sets start date to a specific date, e.g. date=2013-09-09.
This is useful for calendars that are used to plan for a specific event, like a conference.
date=y1  Sets start date to January 1 of the current year.
date=q1  Sets start date to the first day of the current quarter.
date=m1  Sets start date to the first day of the current month.
date=today  Sets start date to the current calendar day.

Example: A calendar link with the initial calendar date, view, and side panel configured through link parameters

For more details see article Calendar Link Parameters.