How to Copy Events

If you need to make a duplicate of an event you have already created, it is easy to do so.

  • Right click on the event you wish to copy.
  • choose Copy to.
  • On the small pop-up calendar, select the date you desire. 
  • The event will copy to the selected date.

Alternately, hold down the Control key on a Windows PC, or the Command key on a Mac, and drag the event to another slot: doing so creates a copy of the event at the new place.

See this video for a demo on how to copy events within your Teamup Calendar:

Note that the screens in the video will be updated soon.

If you need to copy an event from one sub-calendar to another one on the same day, you can use the Scheduler View to do so quickly: Ctrl-drag the event to the column you want the event to be copied to. The sub-calendar value will be automatically updated:


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