Change Time Resolution On Grid Views

Teamup supports configurable calendar grid time resolution. This applies to all views that have an hourly grid, including day view, scheduler view, week view and multi-day view. You can change your calendar’s display resolution to increments of 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minutes. This should address the needs of users who have a lot of short events, like therapists, doctors, trainers, etc.  The default resolution can be set by the calendar administrator in Settings > Calendar Views.  All users can change it in the calendar menu in the top right corner. This would affect only that user and that specific browser session.

Teamup Calendar Time Resolution

Time resolution in grid view: 1 hour increment vs. 5 minute increment

All Users

For all users, the calendar resolution can be changed by opening the menu list in the top right corner:

Users can change time resolution under the menu in the top right corner

Calendar Administrators

The calendar administrator may set the default value for the calendar resolution that applies to all views.

Changing default time resolution in Settings - administrator only.

Changing default time resolution in Settings – administrator only.

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