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Change Time Resolution On Grid Views

Teamup calendars include 10 unique calendar views. Some of these calendar views show a time grid: day, scheduler, week, and multi-day. All calendar users can configure the resolution of the time grid in a browser. The resolution you set will apply to all calendar grid views. Calendar administrators can set a default time resolution.

Options for time grid resolution

You can change the calendar time resolution to increments of 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minutes.

This should address the needs of users who have a lot of short events (therapists, doctors, trainers, etc.).

How to change the time resolution

All users can change it in the calendar menu in the top right corner.

The resolution you set in this way will only apply for your calendar in your specific browser session. When you reload the calendar in a new browser session, the calendar will return to the default time resolution.

Choose Calendar Resolution to adjust the time grid.
Teamup Calendar Time Resolution
A resolution of 60 minute increments compared to a resolution of 5 minute increments.

Set the default time resolution

The calendar administrator can set the default value for the calendar resolution that applies to all views:

  • Go to Settings > Calendar Views
  • Scroll to the Calendar Resolution section.
  • Adjust to the desired time increment.
Changing default time resolution in Settings (administrator only).

Time duration of events

If you have the default time duration set to Automatic, the calendar time resolution you select also sets the default time duration in the event editor when you create a new event.

However, there is one exception: When you set the time resolution to 30 minutes, the default time duration will remain to be one hour.

To set a time duration when creating a new event, use your mouse to drag over the slot in the grid and open a new event editor with a pre-filled time duration.

Updated on November 15, 2020