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Change Preset Event Duration in the Event Editor

When you click anywhere on your calendar grid to create a new event, the event editor will open with a preset event duration. You can change this preset event duration. Here are three options.

Change default event duration in Settings

You need administrator access to change the default event duration in Settings.

If you want the event duration to always be a specific value, such as 90 minutes, change the default setting. Go to Settings > Date and Time. Use the drop-down menu to select the default value, from 5 minutes to 180 minutes.

The preset event duration that fills a new event in the event editor will be independent of the calendar time resolution.

Change preset event duration from calendar resolution

If the default event duration is set to Automatic in Settings > Date and Time, then the calendar resolution controls the preset event duration:

When set to automatic, the calendar resolution controls the default event duration.


Then if you change the calendar resolution, the preset event duration of the event editor will change, as well.

The calendar administrator can set a default calendar resolution in Settings > Calendar Views. All users can set the effective calendar resolution under the menu in any calendar view:

calendar resolution

The selected calendar resolution defines the duration of each selectable slot displayed, which will be the preset event duration if you simply click to open the event editor.

There is one exception: if the calendar time resolution is set to 30 minutes, the preset event duration will be 1 hour (as if the calendar time resolution is set to 60 minutes).

Preset the event duration by dragging over the time grid

This option will change the preset duration in the event editor for one event only.

In any calendar view with a time grid, you can use the mouse to click and drag over the grid. Then release the mouse button, and the event editor will open, prefilled with the amount of time you selected on the grid.

Change event duration in the event editor

You can always change the event duration directly in the event editor, as well:

  • Select from the dropdown options for the event duration you wish.
  • You can start typing in a time to narrow down the dropdown options.
  • Or you can type any specific time into the event editor.
Change the event duration in the event editor.
Choose from the drop-down list or type directly into the time box to adjust the event duration.


Adjust event duration to any desired time

The dropdown options for time in the event editor will match the calendar resolution, e.g., if your calendar resolution is set to 15 minute increments, the time options will also be in 15 minute increments:

You can adjust the event duration to whatever you want it to be in the event editor, regardless of the calendar’s resolution.

  • In the event editor, with all day unchecked, click the event start or end time.
  • Type in the time you wish.
  • Save the event.
Updated on May 4, 2023
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