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The Timeline View

A calendar view is a feature that enables you to choose how you see your calendar. Teamup provides 10 unique calendar views: day, multi-day, week, multi-week, month, year, list, agenda, scheduler, and Timeline view. This article explains how to use Timeline calendar view. For general information about all calendar views, see this article.

Note: some calendar views, including the Timeline view, are available only on a web or mobile browser. Teamup mobile apps support four calendar views: List, Day, Week, and Month.

The Timeline calendar view

The timeline calendar view with Teamup

The Timeline calendar view is unique:

  • each sub-calendar in its own row.
  • each hour has its own column.
  • it can show a single day, multiple days, a week, or multiple weeks.
  • the days or weeks are displayed horizontally.
  • the zoom level can be adjusted.

Because of this unique configuration, the Timeline view is very useful for comparing schedules and events across different sub-calendars.

Date range and zoom level

Select from the drop down menu to change the date range on Timeline view.

You can adjust the date range in the Timeline view:

  • Day
  • Multi Day (1 to 21 days)
  • Week
  • Multi Week (1 to 30 weeks)

You can adjust the zoom level as well, from 1 to 10:

As you add days or weeks, or increase the zoom level, some of the timeline may move out of your screen area. When this happens, simply scroll horizontally to see the full Timeline view.

Show or hide sub-calendars

As with any Teamup calendar view, you can select which sub-calendars to show or hide in the Timeline view:

  • Use the Eye icon to select only that folder or calendar.
  • Click the title bar to add or remove a sub-calendar without affecting others.
  • Collapse a folder to hide its calendars.
  • Click All at the top of the calendar list to show all calendars again.

Try out Timeline calendar view today: choose it from the View Selector in the top right of your calendar.

Updated on November 17, 2020