How to Export Events to Other Calendars

With Teamup Calendar, you can export single events to other calendar services that support the iCalendar file format (.ics). This includes Google Calendar, Apple iCal, MS Outlook, Yahoo Calendar, and many more. Looking for something else? Bulk export of entire calendars to a file Synchronize Teamup to other calendaring products using an iCalendar […]

Embed Teamup Calendar in a Webpage

It is easy to embed a Teamup Calendar in an existing website or intranet.  With an embedded calendar, you can make your shared Teamup Calendar available under your existing personal or business website name. Doing so can be an advantage for several reasons: The embedded calendar can correspond to an […]

Advanced Access Permissions for Links

Teamup Calendar supports a set of advanced access permissions for calendar links, including: Add-Only: Allows adding new events. Existing events stay as read-only and cannot be changed. Newly added events can be modified only during a single, time-limited browser session (approx. 30 minutes). Add-Only, No Details: Same as add-only, but […]

Calendar Shortcuts on Your Desktop

Creating Desktop shortcuts Instead of re-typing or cutting and pasting a calendar URL into the browser each time the calendar is needed, one way to save time and improve the Teamup experience is to create shortcuts to your Teamup Calendar. The following video demonstrates how (screen images will be updated soon). […]

Delete an Entire Calendar

Anyone who has access to the administrator link of a Teamup Calendar can delete an entire calendar. Please make sure to limit access to administrator rights to only the people who need them. Learn more about your calendar administrator link. How to delete an entire calendar If you do not need […]

Locating Event Edit History

With Teamup Calendar, you can view the edit history of any event. This includes who created an event, when it was created, and when and who last modified the event. This information is available in the event editor/viewer. It is also visible on the event page. Edit history in the event […]

Calendar Link Parameters

Calendar settings is where you configure your calendar. These settings apply to all users globally. What if the global settings are not quite right for all users? Calendar link parameters allow you to overwrite global settings. Currently, the following parameters are supported: date: Opens the calendar for a specific date. […]

Insert Hyperlinks into Your Teamup Calendar Entries

Teamup Calendar allows you to attach files and images directly to events via the event editor as explained here. Images can be displayed inline or as links. If you simply wish to link to files, websites, videos, and images accessible on the internet, you can easily add these as clickable links […]

How to Use Fewer Keystrokes When Entering Calendar Data

Entering calendar data into a Teamup Calendar is similar to most other calendars. Here are a few tips that can help you move faster in your calendar. The result is fewer keystrokes which means greater efficiency. Tip 1: For All-day or multi-day events, use the Month or Multi-week view, click and drag […]