Uptime – How Reliable is Teamup Calendar?

Providing a highly reliable service is one of our top priorities. In the name of transparency we publish our uptime statistics so you can see what availability to expect from Teamup Calendar.

Please read below what these numbers mean and why they are more accurate and honest than most uptime statistics you will find on the Internet.

Average Uptime

Average uptime since February 2014 to date:

Region Uptime Avg. downtime per month
US West 99.88% 50 minutes
Europe 99.92% 33 minutes
Asia 99.87% 59 minutes

What The Numbers Mean

Uptime data is collected by three monitoring servers located in Asia, Europe and the United States. These monitoring servers periodically submit requests to our calendar servers and track the responses. The monitoring servers are located outside of Teamup’s data centers and access the service across the Internet like a regular user.

The reported uptime numbers reflect any kind of downtime, including planned maintenance, unplanned maintenance, network downtime, etc. We believe that these numbers give you a realistic picture of the reliability you can expect on average from Teamup. Many other service providers exclude Internet connectivity problems from their uptime statistics, arguing that these are beyond their control. While this is true, it does not give you a realistic picture of the availability to expect from a service.

In our experience the biggest source of downtime are network connectivity issues followed by planned maintenance (which we usually schedule outside of main business hours) then followed by unplanned server issues.


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