Block Unavailable Dates in a Calendar

One helpful approach to scheduling can be to block out unavailable dates. This can be helpful if you are booking meetings or client appointments and wish to prevent specific times or dates from being booked. Although Teamup does not have a specific function to block unavailable dates or times, there […]

Calendar Printouts: Print with Internet Explorer

When creating calendar printouts from any browser, the recommended practice is to do a Print Preview before printing your calendar. This allows you to adjust the settings before you print. In print in Internet Explorer, the default printer settings is shrink to fit, which may cut off the calendar when […]

Print Calendar in Larger Font Size

With Teamup Calendar, it’s easy to print your calendar, with events or as a blank template. You can adjust the print font size in Firefox and Internet Explorer, if needed. Go to Print Preview, then scale to a larger %, as illustrated below. Doing so will print your calendars in a larger […]

Advantages of Using the Multi-Week View

The multi-week view is a customizable alternative to the standard monthly calendar display. You can set the number of weeks to display in the multi-week view. Go to Settings > Calendar Views, then choose from 1 to 12 weeks. You can change the number of weeks displayed at any time. […]

Using Teamup’s Free Services

FREE SERVICE, NOT A FREE TRIAL When you create a free Teamup Calendar, it is much more than a free trial. A Teamup Calendar, on the Basic plan, is a free service that will not expire. Users can continue to use the features available on the Basic (free) plan for as […]

How to Prevent Double Bookings

Teamup Calendar can be an efficient reservation and booking management platform for simple booking needs, such as appointments, resource sharing, or reserving meeting rooms or event spaces. You can configure Teamup Calendars to prevent double bookings. To prevent double bookings, we recommend setting up sub-calendars to disallow overlapping events. To do this, […]

How to Use Teamup Calendar Inside Facebook Groups

Facebook groups While it is easy to add a Calendar tab to a Facebook page (creating your own app or using a tab app), Facebook Groups do not allow custom tabs. Here are some creative ways to share events from a Teamup Calendar within a Facebook Group: Add your calendar […]

Event Reminders

Teamup Calendar supports event reminders. Event reminders alert calendar users of upcoming events. Reminders are sent at a specified time before an event starts. Currently, reminders are delivered by email only. This is a new feature. Your feedback to is welcome. There are two ways to enable reminders for […]

How to Search Teamup Calendar

With Teamup Calendar, you have three powerful ways to search your calendar: Teamup’s built-in search function, the search functionality of your browser, and Teamup’s built-in filters. Teamup search The first search method is the calendar’s built-in search box. You’ll find it in the top right of your calendar:   Click […]