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Create a Default Sub-Calendar View

Advanced tip (all users): how to create a personalized default view with selected sub-calendars showing.

If you use a Teamup calendar with many sub-calendars, you may wish to have a personal view or set a default calendar view. This view will highlight the most pertinent sub-calendars, while hiding the rest.

With a personalized default view, you can jump right into your work without stopping to click calendars on and off.

Create a default sub-calendar view

  1. Open your calendar in a browser.
  2. In the sub-calendar list, adjust which sub-calendars are showing. (Here’s how.) Once you have only the sub-calendars showing that you wish to include in your personal view, continue to the next step.

Save the default sub-calendar view

  1. In the Filter area, you will see a share icon below the filters. Click on the share icon.Your calendar will open up in a new window or tab. The URL in the address bar of this new window or tab will have a new parameter ?calendars=… added to your normal calendar link. It looks like this:
  2. Bookmark that link in your browser. In the future, when you open your calendar using that link in a new browser or a new session, your calendar will display your personalized, default sub-calendar view. All the other sub-calendars are only one click away.

You can create multiple personalized sub-calendar views for different modes or projects. For example, a ‘Personal View’ to toggle on your personal sub-calendars and hide all others. Or a specific project view that shows only calendars related to the current priority project.

Updated on April 11, 2023
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