Create a Default Sub-Calendar View

If you are a calendar administrator or have had a calendar link shared with you that has access to many sub-calendars, you may wish to have a “personal view”. Meaning a view where you see a subset of the sub calendars that you regularly work with, but still have the possibility to access the other sub calendars with one click if needed. Well, you can.

The steps

  1. Open your normal calendar link
  2. In the sub calendar list, click on the eye icon to the right of a sub calendar name that you wish to have included in your personal view. This shows that sub calendar only and hides all the others (greyed out). Click on the other sub calendar names that you wish to include in your personal view until they are all shown.
  3. Click the arrow next to Filter to open the filter area and you will see a link named “Share” below the filters. Click on it.
    Set personal default view

    Your calendar opens up in a new window or tab. Its URL (see the address bar) has a new parameter ‘?calendars=…’ appended. It looks like this:
  4. Bookmark that link. In the future, when you open your calendar using that link in a new browser or a new session, your calendar will display your ‘personal view’. All all the other sub calendars are only one-click away.

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