Live Demos: How to Experience Teamup Calendar in Action

HOW TO USE LIVE DEMOS: EXPERIENCE THE KEY FEATURES IN ACTION Teamup offers a set of live demos that makes it easy for new users to test drive a live calendar with the full range of features without first studying documentations or watching the Getting Started Guide.    Currently we […]

How to Change the Calendar Start Date

In most cases it makes sense to open your calendar with the current date in view. In some cases, however, it is preferable to choose a past or future date as the default calendar view date. With Teamup, it is easy to change the default calendar start date. Imagine a […]

Outbound iCalendar Feeds: View Teamup in Other Calendars

You can set up a feed from your Teamup Calendar to other calendar applications such as Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook or Apple’s iCal. This is achieved using iCalendar feeds. iCalendar feeds are read-only and provide a periodic automatic synchronization between the source calendar (Teamup) and another calendar application. This article […]

How to Share Calendar Events as Webpages

With Teamup Calendar, any event on your calendar can be viewed as a unique, stand-alone web page. With an event page, you can share specific event information with people who otherwise have no access to your calendar. Event pages also make it easy to share an event with a group […]

How to Save Calendar Data to .PDF file

With Teamup Calendar, you can save your calendar to PDF easily. The calendar data, including all the event details, can be saved to a PDF document for local reference or offline access to calendar data. This article explains how to do so. We recommend using Google Chrome browser for this […]

How to Recover A Lost Administrator URL

With Teamup Calendar, calendar access is through calendar links. Having a user account is optional; it provides a convenient way to keep your calendar links in one place, but is not necessary for accessing your calendar. All you need to access a Teamup Calendar is your calendar link. The calendar administrator […]

Add Color-Coded Sub-Calendars

Sub-calendars are a way of categorizing and color-coding events. They can represent people, resources, projects, areas, anything you like. Sub-calendars can be assigned to folders for easy organization. Using sub-calendars You can see all sub-calendars listed in the Calendars section of the left-hand control panel of your calendar. If you have more than […]

How to Enable Password Protection for Calendar Links

Why password protection is needed Teamup is different & unique in that no user accounts are required to use the calendar. All you need to access Teamup Calendar is a calendar URL. This simplifies access for many users. However, if you are concerned about the security risk of the calendar link falling into […]

Using Calendar Views

Teamup Calendar includes 9 unique calendar views: Scheduler view Daily view Multi-day view Week view Multi-week view Month view Year view Agenda view List view How to configure calendar views General configuration options The following configuration options are available in Settings > Calendar Views: Hide / show views: Not every use case […]

How to Copy Events

If you need to make a duplicate of an event you have already created, it is easy to do so. Right click on the event you wish to copy. choose Copy to. On the small pop-up calendar, select the date you desire.  The event will copy to the selected date. Alternately, hold down […]