How to Print an Event in a Larger Font

Sometimes you may want to print a single event on a piece of paper.  If the font printed is too small, consider the following if you are using Google Chrome:

  1. Click on the event on your calendar to open it in the event viewer or editor. Or, right-click the event on your calendar to open the context menu, then select Print.

  1. Click Print to open the Print dialog.
  2. Click More settings.
  3. Locate the Scale field, change the scale to a higher number, up to 200.

Here’s an example:

Scale 100:


Scale 150:


Alternatively, for better viewing on the screen or if it’s mainly the title text that needs to be big on printouts: In step 1 above, click Share > As page.  The event would open on its own web page with the title text in large font size.