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Shortcut for Selecting Calendars in Event Editor

If you have many sub-calendars, it can be cumbersome to find the calendar you want from the long drop-down list. Here’s a calendar shortcut to quickly select the calendar(s) you want in the event editor: just start typing any part of the calendar’s title.  As you type, the matching options quickly narrow down, so you can select from the list without having to scroll. When there is only one calendar in the list, you can press Enter to select it without typing the whole name of the calendar.

How to quickly select calendars

In the example shown below, you can see this calendar shortcut in action:

  1. In the calendar selection field, the user starts typing a calendar name: Linda.  There is only one match. The user can press Enter and the calendar will be selected. (If there are multiple matches, the first match will be selected.)
  2. Now the user types in a different calendar name: Mark. As she types, the matching calendar list shortens. The user can select from the short list at any time without having to complete the full calendar name or scroll to find the right calendar.

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Updated on November 17, 2020
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