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How to Use Fewer Keystrokes When Entering Calendar Data


Entering calendar data into a Teamup Calendar is similar to most other calendars. Here are a few tips that can help you move faster in your calendar. The result is fewer keystrokes which means greater efficiency.

Tip 1: For All-day or multi-day events, use the Month or Multi-week view, click and drag over the relevant dates, and release the mouse to open the editor. When the event editor opens, it will already have the relevant dates for the event.

Tip 2: For time-specific events, use the Day or Week view, click and drag over the relevant times, then release the mouse to open the editor. The event editor will open with the times already set for the event.

Tip 3: To create shorter time slots, click and drag in the calendar just a little, until your desired time slot is highlighted. You can change the time resolution on your calendar for even finer control. You can further shorten or lengthen event times to the minute in the Add Event window:

Tip 4: Choose the date of your event in the mini calendar in the top left to jump to that date. Note that you can scroll with your mouse through the mini calendar.

If using the List or Agenda views, click on the event date in the mini calendar first before clicking Add event. The start date will be set accordingly.

Tip 5: When in the event editor, pressing the Enter key while in any of the main fields will save your event and close the window. Pressing the Enter key while in the Description boxs of an event creates a new line. Press escape to exit the event editor. Use the tab key to move between event fields

Tip 6: When changing the start time of an event within the event editor, the end time changes automatically, keeping the duration of the event the same. This is especially helpful if moving events to earlier or later start times.
To easily change the duration of an event, click and drag on its bottom border:


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Updated on November 22, 2019