Import Data into Teamup Calendar

Teamup Calendar supports the importing of events from other calendar applications, spreadsheets, databases and text files. Currently supported import formats are iCalendar files (*.ics files) and text files with comma-separated values (*.csv files). This article explains How to import data into your calendar The iCalendar data format The CSV data […]

Time Zone Support in Teamup Calendar

See also this blog post. When a calendar is shared by a group of people located in different regions of the world, proper handling of time zones and daylight saving times becomes very important. Teamup Calendar offers very flexible time zone support. This article explains how the time zone for […]

How to Use Teamup Daily Agenda for Upcoming Events

The Teamup Daily Agenda displays all events for the upcoming one to three days, and it is sent via email every morning.  Please note that a paid subscription plan is required to use this feature. How to enable the user signup globally Click on the blue menu button and select Settings. In the General Settings page, […]

How to Use Teamup Search Operators

Teamup Calendar includes a powerful search tool. You can use search operators to get more specific search results. Search Operators Symbol How to use it + A plus sign in front of a keyword makes it a required word. Example: +team +kickoff +London Only returns events that include all three […]

What to Do When You Have a Payment or Renewal Issue

Currently we process subscription payments through Stripe.  In your calendar Settings – Subscriptions, you can click the “Upgrade” or “Renew” button and proceed with the process.  If you do not proceed or for some reason the payment is not completed, you upgrade or renewal process would be aborted and a […]

API for Teamup Calendar

The Teamup Application Programming Interface (API) enables software programs to interact with Teamup Calendar. Using the API it is possible to read, write, update, and delete calendar events. This enables the integration of Teamup Calendar with other systems and applications. An example of this would be a database application that […]

Upgrade to Teamup Premium or Plus Plan

If you have been using Teamup Calendar for free and are now ready to subscribe to a Teamup Premium or Plus plan,  you can simply upgrade your current calendar without creating a new calendar. Once your upgrade is complete, you will be entitled to the extra sub calendars and features. […]

How to Upload Images and Files to Events

Calendar events are often comprised of more than just a date and a time. It is often necessary to include event-related documents such as meeting agendas, travel information, instructions to perform the job or a pictures of goods delivered. It is therefore useful to be able to attach files and […]

How to Share the Same Event Calendar in Multiple Places

Publicize your events by sharing your Teamup Calendar online. Teamup Calendars can be embedded into a web page or added to a Facebook page with ease. In doing so you can control exactly how your calendar looks in each place and the level of access that your viewers have to […]