Bulk Export of Calendars to a File

Teamup supports the bulk export of calendar events to a file. This feature is available to calendar administrators in the settings of a calendar. Looking for something else? Export single events to other calendaring solutions Synchronize calendars in Teamup with other calendaring products using iCalendar feeds Supported export formats Currently […]

Change Time Resolution On Grid Views

Teamup supports configurable calendar grid time resolution. This applies to all views that have an hourly grid, including day view, scheduler view, week view and multi-day view. You can change the calendar time resolution to increments of 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minutes. This should address the needs of […]

How to Change Language in Teamup Calendar

Teamup is currently available in English, Czech, Croatian, Danish, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Hungarian, Portuguese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, with other language translations in progress. To change language: Go to Settings > General Settings. Select your preferred language from the dropdown list as shown below Note that this language setting applies […]

Slack Integration (1): Post Calendar Notifications to Group Channels

If your team is using Slack, the popular real-time messaging application, you may consider setting up Teamup-Slack integration, so that your team can be instantly notified of changes on your Teamup Calendar via Slack channels. It will help your team stay up to date on plans and schedules, streamline communication and reduce the […]

Managing Notifications

Teamup currently supports Change notifications, Daily Agenda, and notifications to Slack messaging channels as well as Event Reminders. This article is for calendar administrators who can manage notifications in the settings of Teamup Calendar. If you are a calendar user looking for information on how notifications work or how to enable […]

Insert Images and Link Files from Dropbox

With the Dropbox Chooser integrated into Teamup’s event editor tool bar, inserting images or file links to your calendar has gotten really easy for Dropbox users. Where to Find the Dropbox Chooser The Dropbox Chooser is accessible in the Event Editor. Click inside the Description box to display the editing […]

Change Calendar Font Size

When viewing a Teamup Calendar in the day, week, month view or multi week view, the size of the grid blocks are dependent on your screen size and resolution. Often when viewing a calendar in the month view on a small screen or a screen with a high resolution, the font can become […]

Assign One Event to Multiple Calendars

Teamup Calendar supports the assignment of one event to multiple calendars. The calendar administrator can enable or disable this feature in Settings. How to use it in events If enabled, the event editor allows the assignment of multiple calendars to one event: How to enable / disable this feature Support […]

How to Share Calendars with Flexible Access Permissions

Teamup makes it easy to share calendars with anyone without requiring users to create accounts. Access to the shared calendars is via calendar URLs. All sharable calendar URLs are centrally managed by the calendar administrator by going to Settings > Sharing. Note that these settings are only available while viewing Teamup Calendar […]

Uptime – How Reliable is Teamup Calendar?

Providing a highly reliable service is one of our top priorities. In the name of transparency we publish our uptime statistics so you can see what availability to expect from Teamup Calendar. Please read below what these numbers mean and why they are more accurate and honest than most uptime […]