Shortcut to Select Calendars in Event Editor

If you have many sub-calendars in your Teamup Calendar, it might be cumbersome to find the calendar you want from the long drop-down list of calendars.  Here’s a shortcut to do so quickly and effortlessly: Just start typing any part of the calendar name.  As you type, the matching options […]

How to Print on Safari

If you are a Mac user, the printout of your calendar may be too light to be really readable.  One workaround is to save your calendar to a PDF file first then print the PDF file: Open your calendar in Safari. Open the Print menu (Command + P). Click on […]

Using Mobile App for Android

Quick Start Have your calendar link ready or create a new Teamup Calendar if you don’t have one yet. Download the app to your Android device if you have not done so. Launch the app and do one of the following: Enter your calendar key from step 1 above (the […]

Using Teamup Mobile App for iPhone & iPad

The Teamup iOS App is available in the App Store for download. To configure and update Settings, please use the web version on your Windows PC or Mac as usual. Quick Start Have your calendar link ready or create a new Teamup Calendar if you don’t have one yet. Download the […]

Add Holiday Calendars to Teamup Calendar

There are many free holiday calendar feeds available on the Internet. Besides a comprehensive list from Google Calendar, many other organizations or groups provide feeds for special or regional holiday calendars, such as this source for Germany or your local public school calendars.  Any Teamup-powered public events calendar can also serve as […]

Inbound iCalendar Feeds – How to Subscribe to Other Calendars

Teamup allows calendar administrators to subscribe to iCalendar feeds from other calendar products. The iCalendar format is a standardized data format for the exchange of calendaring data between calendar products. It is supported by many products, including: Google Calendar Apple Calendar Outlook Teamup Calendar managed by other groups Facebook events […]

How to Share an Event on Social Media

Any event on a Teamup Calendar can be displayed as a stand-alone webpage. This event page can then be shared on social media with a click of a button. 1. DISPLAY YOUR EVENT PAGE You can get to an event page by clicking on the ‘Share’ button while viewing an […]

Create a Default Sub-Calendar View

If you are a calendar administrator or have had a calendar link shared with you that has access to many sub-calendars, you may wish to have a “personal view”. Meaning a view where you see a subset of the sub calendars that you regularly work with, but still have the possibility to access […]

Using Folders for Sub-Calendars

A hierarchy of sub-calendars is helpful for scenarios with a large number of sub-calendars.  Simply group the calendars that are in the same category into folders: HOW TO SET FOLDERS UP You can create folders for your existing calendars without changing any event display.  The folders are set up by the calendar […]

Filter On-screen Events by Keywords and Sub-calendars

Do you have too many events to be displayed and you are wondering how you can see a specific event or all events of a specific type? Teamup’s filtering capability allows you to filter events by keywords and by sub-calendars. The picture below demonstrates how to filter all training plans on […]