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Sort Order of Events in Calendar Views

It’s not possible to manually change the display order of Teamup Calendar events. However, understanding the logic that is applied may help find the solution you need.

Hourly events

Events with a specific start and end time are sorted by
1. Start time
2. End time
3. Sub-calendar order
4. Title (alphabetically)

All-day or multi-day events

On the Day/Week/Scheduler views, these events are displayed on in the header area above the hourly grid. On the multi-week/month/year views, they are displayed above the hourly events within the space of the event date(s). Multiple all-day or multi-day events are sorted by
1. Start-date
2. Sub-calendar order
3. Title (alphabetically)

Pro Tips

  • Change the order of the sub-calendars on the left by adding a number or special character to the front of the calendar name.

    Adding numbers to sub-calendar names to achieve the desired sorting order
  • Sort your sub-calendars into folders. See here for more.
Updated on July 22, 2022
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