Using Teamup Plugin for WordPress Sites (Beta)

The Teamup Plugin for WordPress Sites makes it easy to insert a Teamup Calendar into a WordPress site. The Plugin is currently in beta. Please follow the steps below to install the Plugin and start using it. Your feedback would be appreciated! Installing the Plugin Step 1: Download the plugin zip […]

Access Teamup Calendar in a Mobile Browser

There are some good reasons to access Teamup Calendar in a mobile browser, for example: You’d like the same look and feel of the calendar on your mobile device as on the desktop You are most comfortable with using Teamup in ways that are consistent on both mobile and desktop […]

Event Comments

It is possible to allow for the adding of comments to individual events. Comments can serve as a way of monitoring progress, of obtaining feedback, or as an internal notes system (see below for examples). This article discusses using event comments with Teamup in a browser. With Teamup mobile apps […]

How to share events and customize sharing options

Each event on a Teamup Calendar can be shared via the Share menu and made accessible to users who otherwise may or may not have access to the calendar or any calendar link. How to share events The Share menu is accessible via the right-click context menu of the event […]

How to Display Multiple Calendar Views for Consecutive Periods

Teamup supports nine calendar views and countless ways to customize events displayed on the screen.  Less obvious is to use link parameters to display events in consecutive periods, such as today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow. The date and header parameters can be appended to control the display. Using large screens to […]

How to print an event in larger font

Sometimes you may want to print a single event on a piece of paper.  If the font printed is too small, consider the following if you are using Google Chrome: Click the event on your calendar to open it in the event viewer or editor; or right-click the event on […]

How to Invite People to Events

Right-click or open the event on your calendar, select Share > As page (figure 1a, 1b, 1c) Send the event page URL (figure 2) to your invitees. When they open the page, they could add the event to their personal calendar using one of the buttons in the top right. […]