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Teamup Integrations Powered by Zapier

Quick Start

Connect your Teamup Calendar with the other apps you can’t live without and automate your workflow via these integrations. Simply click “Use this Zap” to get started or find the app you want to connect with.

The first steps

If you haven’t created Zap before, please refer to Zapier’s key concepts article
before proceeding, to get familiar with terminology and key concepts.

  1. Begin: Click a button Use this Zap for one of the automations above.
  2. Choose Account: Connect your Teamup calendar with the Zap.
  3. Allow access: Fill-in your API key and calendar key.
    • Request an API key here.
    • Note that the calendar key must come from a shareable calendar link (not from the URL in the browser when you open your calendar via user account). A calendar key starts with ks and is followed by a 16-digit alphanumeric string. See here.

A great resource to get started (with images) is also on our special Zapier page.

Teamup triggers

A trigger is an event that starts a Zap.

  • New Event: Triggers when a new event in your calendar is created.
  • New Event Matching Search: Triggers when an event is created that matches a search.
  • Event Start: Triggers when a specified time before an event starts.
  • Event Cancelled: Triggers when an event is cancelled or deleted.
  • New or Updated Event: Triggers when an event is created or updated (except when it’s cancelled).
  • Event Ended: Triggers when an event ends.
  • New Sub-calendar: Triggers when a sub-calendar is created.

See a full list of Teamup Triggers

Teamup actions

An action is an event a Zap performs after it is triggered.

  • Create Event: Create an event by defining each field.
  • Delete Event: Deletes an event.
  • Update Event: Updates an event. If field is empty, it is removed from the Event.
  • Create Sub-calendar: Creates a sub-calendar.
  • Update Sub-calendar: Updates a sub-calendar.
  • Find Event Matching Remote ID: Finds an event that matches Remote ID.

See a full list of Teamup Actions


Common issues in setting up zaps and how to resolve them.

Why does the “Test & Continue” Zap button for a trigger or action not work?

You need to create an event inside your calendar which meets the criteria of your created Trigger or Action.

Why are the events created by Zapier not showing inside the calendar?

If the event doesn’t appear within 15 minutes, refresh your calendar with the refresh button. Teamup calendar is automatically refreshed each time you change the calendar view. If you are on Teamup Premium or Enterprise plan you can set up auto-refresh for your calendar.

Why don’t I see sub-calendars or events when creating the zap?

If you’ve created the sub-calendar or event while creating the zap, refresh the page. Otherwise check if your API Key and Calendar Key are correct.

Why I can’t add, update or delete events?

If the calendar doesn’t belong to you and you don’t have permissions to add, update or delete events, Teamup Zapier integration will not provide these actions.

Why are some events missed by the Event Start trigger?

If you’re on the Zapier free plan, they check for updates in your trigger every 15 minutes. This means you’ll need to set the Time Before to 16 minutes (or more).

Why I don’t see custom fields when creating the Zap?

You need to make sure that a test event has values in all the custom fields, then click the “Test & Continue” button to proceed.

See full FAQ

Setting up zaps

Zaps are compound and require at least one trigger and one action.

See featured examples

Updated on June 8, 2023
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