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Teamup Integrations with Other Applications

Teamup provides many integration possibilities to automate tasks between Teamup and other applications, with or without using the Teamup API. Explore the list below and many more via the Zapier integration.


A comprehensive API documentation for developers. Learn more.

Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple iCal

These methods work for any calendars that support ics or iCalendar links.

Microsoft Teams

Simply add your Teamup calendar as a tab to your Teams. Check out this great example.


Post changes on your Teamup calendar to your Slack channels. You may add such a Slack integration from your calendar front via the Preferences interface. It is recommended that only a calendar administrator should set up the Teamup notifications for group channels.

Trello Calendar Power-up

Enable Trello’s calendar power-ups and add the iCalendar link from each board to your Teamup calendar as a sub-calendar to get the big picture view of the project due dates for all or selected Trello boards. Learn more.


With Teamup’s Zapier integration, you can connect Teamup Calendar with your favorite apps to automate your workflow. Popular integrations include

  • Generate Teamup calendar events from new Google Sheets rows
  • Log updated Teamup calendar event activity into Google documents
  • Add Microsoft Outlook events to Teamup Calendar
  • Create events in Teamup calendar from new Airtable records in views
  • Update Slack statuses during and after Teamup calendar events
  • Add new Teamup Calendar events to Todoist as tasks

Explore now.


CompanyCam allows construction crews to document jobs with photos. This integration connects a specific job event on a Teamup calendar with annotated job photos taken with CompanyCam, and displays the photos directly within the description field of the event.

Have a Teamup calendar link ready with the modify permission, then follow the instructions here to get started.

Embedd into a Website

A teamup calendar can easily be embedded into any Web sites. See here for more details.


Updated on November 25, 2021
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