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How To Use Calendar Links to Share a Calendar With Your Team

If you are the calendar administrator and need to share your Teamup calendar with others, you have two options: Via account access or via calendar links.  Via account access is generally recommended because of improved security, user management and login as an access point expected by many users. However, if you prefer to not require your users to create a Teamup account or to keep the number of account users within the limit of your subscription plan, sharing your calendar via links is a simple and convenient option. Users will be able to use the links to access the calendar in a Web browser or on a Teamup mobile app without logging in.

Here are the quick steps to share your calendar with links:

  1. Go to Settings > Sharing. Select ‘Create Link’.
  2. Fill in the link creation form and configure access permissions.
  3. Once you have saved, you will see the link listed in the Sharing page. Copy the link and send it to the user via email or text messaging.

See more details here.

Pro tip: Although multiple users can share a single link, for a typical team calendar, it is recommended you create one link for each member, name the link with the name of the team member and assign the permissions appropriate for that specific member. One important benefit of this practice is the transparency of who made which change. Another benefit is that if a member leaves the team, the administrator can simply remove that one calendar link without affecting other users’ access. All nine levels of access permissions available to account users are also available for calendar links.

Updated on June 7, 2021
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