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How to Adjust the Calendar Resolution

If you notice that event titles are not fully visible, you can adjust the calendar resolution when using time grid calendar views such as Day, Scheduler, Week, and Multi-day views. This gives more display space for each individual event, and, in most cases, allows the full event title to display.

A 30 minute resolution (left) vs a 5 minute resolution (right)

Setting the calendar resolution at 5 minutes creates 12 selectable slots for an hour. For a user with the modifying permission, dragging over one slot or simply clicking on any slot would open the event editor in the set resolution. In this case, it’d mean the editor would open up with the event duration preset to 5 minutes.

The expanded space allows more information to be displayed:

How to adjust the calendar resolution

    1. Open your calendar in a browser.
    2. Click the blue menu button in the top right and select Calendar Resolution.
    3. Choose the preferred resolution, from 5 minutes to 60 minutes.


Once the calendar resolution is set, users with modifying permission may single click anywhere on the grid to launch the editor with time duration preset to the calendar resolution.

Individual setting vs default setting

Any user can change the resolution for their calendar. Only the calendar administrator can set the default time resolution. Learn more about it here.

Updated on July 11, 2021