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How to Add Events from Teamup to an Invitee’s Calendar

Teamup has built-in sharing options which make it easy for invitees to add the Teamup event to their own calendar service (Google, Apple Cal, etc.). 

Access the Share options

The Share menu in a browser

From your browser, you can invite (or share an event) in these ways:

  • with add-to-calendar links
  • as an event page
  • directly to social media
  • via email
  • through another calendar service.

To access these sharing options, right-click or open the event on your calendar, then choose Share from the menu.

Right click to open the context menu, then choose Share.

The Share menu from Teamup mobile apps

From the Teamup mobile apps, you can send invitations or share events to another calendar, to another app, via your browser as an event page, through email, or through built-in social media options.

To do so, tap on any event to open it. Then tap the Share icon in the top right. The Share menu will open with all the sharing options.


Event sharing options on Teamup iOS and Android apps
To share an event on iOS (left) or Android (right), tap the sharing icon at the top of the event.

On a browser, you can share an event with add-to-calendar links: choose Share > As link. You can then select the style you prefer, copy the links, and paste them as needed in an email, message, webpage, etc.

The recipient can click the appropriate link for their calendar service to add the event to their calendar.

Share an event as a page

Event pages are a powerful way to invite individuals or groups to events, to share and promote events, to gather signups, and to share event details in an easily accessible way. When you change the event details on your calendar, the event page will automatically update so that participants get the right information.

Share an event page from a browser

Here’s how to invite people with an event page:

  1. Right-click or open the event on your calendar and select Share > As page. The event will open as a stand-alone web page.
An event page showing meeting agenda
Include meeting agenda, links, files, and more.
  1. Copy the page link (URL) and send it to your invitees. You can send the page link via email, messaging, social media, or text, as desired.
  2. When invitees open the event page, they can add the event to their personal calendar or share the event page by using one of the buttons in the top right.
  • For any event that is open to the public or a large group, you can use the event page as your event website and invite people by sharing the URL. See more.
  • You can enable signup if that is required for your event. Set a deadline and maximum number of signups, if desired.

Note that all the share and import options on the event page are also available in the Share menu of the event. You can add the event to your own personal calendar without opening it as an event page: just choose Outlook or iCal from the Share menu.

Share an event page from mobile

From the Teamup mobile apps, it’s easy to create and share an event page. Then invitees can use the buttons at the top of the event page to add the event to their own calendar:

Mobile screens showing event page and calendar event
Invitees can tap the appropriate button (Outlook, iCal) to have the event added to their calendar.


To share an event page from mobile:

  1. Tap to open the event.
  2. Tap the Share icon in the top right.
  3. Choose Browser from the list of sharing options; this will automatically open the event page in your mobile browser.
  4. Copy the event page link (URL) and paste into any message, social media update, text, or email.

Benefits of sharing an event page

The event page you share has no link back to your calendar. This makes it easy for you to share a specific event with others, without sharing your entire calendar. If you make changes to the event in your calendar, the event page will automatically reflect those changes.

From event page to event on invitee calendar

  • Provide the event details. Include links, upload files, and enable signup if relevant. Then choose Share > Page from a browser or Share > Browser on mobile.
  • Copy the URL of the event page that opens.
  • Share it with invitees.
  • Your invitees can click the green button on the event page to open sharing options and send the event to their personal calendar. It’s also easy for them to share the event to their social media network with the sharing buttons at the top of the event page.

Other Sharing options you can use

In a browser, you can also share events directly to other calendar services, in an email, or to social media platforms. Simply choose the option you want from the Share menu.

On the mobile apps, you can share events in several ways:

  • share an event to Another calendar: any other calendar app on your device that uses .ics format, which includes most calendars.
  • share an event to Another app: when you select this option, a context menu with your relevant apps will open and you can choose the app you wish to use.
  • share an event to the Browser: this creates and opens an event page in your mobile browser.
  • share an event on social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp are built-in options.

See more about sharing events on mobile.

Enabling event signup

If signup in advance is required for your event, you can enable the signup option in the event editor.

Once it is enabled, a signup button will appear on the event page. Participants can click or tap the button, enter their name and/or email address, and sign up for your event. You can set a deadline for signups, and set a maximum number of signups allowed.

See more about event signups.

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Updated on May 4, 2023
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