How to Invite People to Events

  1. Right-click or open the event on your calendar, select Share > As page (figure 1a, 1b, 1c)
  2. Send the event page URL (figure 2) to your invitees.
  3. When they open the page, they could add the event to their personal calendar using one of the buttons in the top right.
  4. For any event that is open to the public or a large group, use the event page as your event website and invite people by sharing the URL, one event at a time (figure 3).
  5. Enable signup if that is required for your event.
share from right-click the event

Figure 1a. Right-click to open the context menu, then share as page


invite from editor

Figure 1b. Share as page from event editor


invite from viewer

Figure 1c. Share as page from event viewer

Teamup event page url and save to personal calendar

Figure 2. Event page URL (A), and options for the invitee to save to a personal calendar (B)

You may have noticed that all the options on the event page are also available to yourself in the “Share” menu before you select “as page”. So you can add the event to your own personal calendar without opening the page.  Set up reminders within the personal calendar if needed.

Creating a single-page event web site just got easier!

Have you noticed that the event page you shared this way has no link back to your calendar?  This makes it easy for you to share a specific event with others without sharing your calendar.

If you’ve ever experienced how much effort it takes to promote events to the public or invite a large group to participate in your events, think you’ve gotten a simple tool at your finger tips: Simply provide the event details and add any design elements to your calendar event, share it as described above, quickly you’ve gotten a single-page event website ready for sharing with a unique URL!

So easy to create an event website!

Figure 3. Event page as a simple, informative, beautifully designed event website for sharing and promotion

Update the content at any time right from your calendar just like editing any other events on the calendar (see how to add images).  Your invitees will always see the latest information about your event whenever they open your event page – no more endless emails or text messages to update everyone for any changes to the event!  What’s more: Your invitees can simply click a button to add the event to their personal calendar. You also make it easy for them to share your event to their social media network with the button options!

Enabling event signup

If signup in advance is required for your event, you can enable the signup option in the event editor.

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Once it is enabled, a signup icon will appear on the event page just below the event title, and a list of names who have signed up will appear in the bottom of the page, if the event creator opted to display the names as shown below:

Sign up on event page

Sign up on event page

Learn more about event signup.

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