Insert Images and Link Files from Dropbox

With the Dropbox Chooser integrated into Teamup’s event editor tool bar, inserting images or file links to your calendar has gotten really easy for Dropbox users.

Where to Find the Dropbox Chooser

The Dropbox Chooser is accessible in the Event Editor.  Click “More” to open the details area.  Simply click the Dropbox icon in the tool bar, you will be directed to your Dropbox account folder, if you have already logged on.  Choose the image you’d like to be displayed or a file to be linked in your event.

Inserting files and images from Dropbox into Teamup Calendar

Resizing Images Linked from Dropbox

By default the image will be displayed in its original size which may be too large for your calendar in many cases.  However, you can resize it. Click on the image to select it, then click the image icon  Image icon to open the “Insert/Edit Image” window, where you can specify the width.  Make sure to leave the height blank in order to resize the image proportionally.  An alternative is to clicking on the corner handles of the image and dragging inwardly to reduce the size.

Resize image inserted from Dropbox

If you choose a file from your Dropbox, then the link to your Dropbox file is inserted to your event.  Note if you move the image or file, the link will be broken.

Teamup Calendar also allows you to upload images and documents directly into events. Attaching a file to an event can be done via the upload button in the event editor as explained here.

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