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How to Insert Images and Link Files from Dropbox

With Teamup Calendar, inserting images or file links into calendar events is convenient and easy for Dropbox users. This article discusses how to use the Dropbox tool integrated into Teamup’s event editor, in the tool bar of the description box. To learn about inserting or uploading images from other services, see this article.

How to use the Dropbox tool

  • The Dropbox tool is accessible in the Event Editor.
  • Click anywhere inside the description box to display the toolbar.
  • Click the Dropbox icon in the tool bar. You will be directed to your Dropbox account folder or (if not already logged into Dropbox) prompted to log in to your Dropbox account.
  •  From your Dropbox folder, choose the image to display or file to link.

Resize Dropbox images in your Teamup Calendar

  • By default, the image will be displayed in its original size, which may be too large for your calendar in many cases.
  • Resize the image by clicking on a corner tab of the image and dragging inwardly to reduce the size.
  • You can modify image details in the image editor:
    • After the image is uploaded, click on it.
    • Then click the image icon to open the Insert/Edit Image window.
    • In the General tab, you can add an image description, if desired:
  • Select the Advanced tab to apply additional customization:
    • Enter numbers in the boxes to adjust vertical or horizontal space around the image. The measurement is in pixels.
    • Enter a number in the border box to add a box; the width of the border is measured in pixels. If you enter the number 5 in the border box, a border with a width of 5 pixels will be added to your image.

Good to know

  • When inserting a file to your calendar event from Dropbox, a link to your Dropbox file is inserted into your event. If you move the image or file to a different Dropbox location, or remove it from Dropbox, the link will be broken.
  • Teamup Calendar also allows you to upload images and documents directly into events. Attaching a file to an event can be done via the upload button in the event editor as explained here. Uploading files and images to Teamup’s file servers is available with a Premium subscription. If you are currently on a Free or Plus plan, it’s easy to upgrade to the Premium plan. You can try this feature in the Live Demos, which have the Premium features enabled.
Updated on November 17, 2020