Change Calendar Font Size

When viewing a Teamup Calendar in the day, week, month view or multi week view, the size of the grid blocks are dependent on your screen size and resolution. Often when viewing a calendar in the month view on a small screen or a screen with a high resolution, the font can become difficult to read as it has a very small space to be displayed in.

While there is no specific Teamup Calendar setting to increase the font size, you can use your computer’s zoom functionality to change the font size:

  •  On all devices:
    Go to your browser’s view menu and choose the zoom in or out options. See here the instructions for all browsers.
  • On a Windows device:
    Press ctrl and ‘+’ together to zoom in. Press ctrl and ‘-‘  to zoom out again. Pressing ctrl and ‘0’ together resets your window to normal zoom.
  •  On an Apple Mac:
    Press Command and ‘+’ together to zoom in. Pressing Command and ‘-‘ will zoom out and command and ‘0’ will reset your zoom level.

Normal Size (100%)


Zoomed in to 175%

Each key press repetition will increase the zoom by degrees. You can zoom in to varying degrees in different browsers. You can experiment with zooming and see what works best for you.

Please note that collapsing the control panel on the left also provides more space for the calendar grid.