Delete Confirmation

To prevent the accidental deletion of events on your calendar, Teamup provides these features: Undo: After each change to the calendar, an undo button is available. It allows undoing the last change. Delete Confirmation: To delete an event, a delete confirmation is required before the event is deleted. This article describes […]

Bulk Creation of Sub-Calendars and Links

The Settings in a Teamup Calendar allow calendar administrators to create and maintain sub-calendars and manage access links through an easy-to-use, web-based interface. This is the recommended way to configure the calendar. In some exceptional use cases, administrators need to create a very large number of sub-calendars or access links. For these […]

Signup for an Event

With Teamup Calendar, you can add signups to any event. If signups are enabled, calendar users can sign up for an event with their name and email address. The event organizer(s) can easily see who has signed up. This article discusses using event signup with Teamup in a browser. With […]