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Delete Confirmation

To prevent the accidental deletion of events on your calendar, Teamup provides these features:

  • Undo: After each change to the calendar, an undo button is available. It allows undoing the last change.
  • Delete Confirmation: To delete an event, a delete confirmation is required before the event is deleted.

This article describes the delete confirmation feature and how it works in your Teamup Calendar.

When a user deletes an event, a dialog window will open and prompt for a confirmation:

This confirmation requirement ensures that the user is fully aware of the deletion before it is executed.

Turning delete confirmation off or on

Delete confirmation is an optional feature.  It can be enabled or disabled by the calendar administrator.

To configure the delete confirmation feature, go to Settings > General Settings and scroll down. Choose to check Yes or No for Delete Confirmation. The setting is global and applies to all users.

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Updated on September 5, 2018