Print Teamup Calendar

To print a Teamup Calendar, we recommend using the PDF generator tool. It will format your calendar for optimal printing and present you with a ready to print PDF file. Then you choose the print options you need for your use, and print a calendar. How to print a Teamup […]

Access to Historical Data

Your Teamup Calendar automaticall stores events in your calendar that are in the past (historical data). However, your subscription plan determines how much of your historical data you can access: Free: 1 year Plus: 5 years Premium: 10 years On the free Basic plan, historical data that is more than […]

How to Rename your Calendar

When initially creating your Teamup Calendar, you are required to provide a name for it: Perhaps you ended up using your calendar for a different purpose, or you wish to change your calendar name for another reason. It’s easy to update or change the name of your Teamup Calendar. Here’s how […]

How to Use Teamup Notifications

Teamup notifications allow users to be notified when changes are made to events on the calendar. The instructions below are for all users at any levels of access permission. If you have administrator access to the calendar, you can see all subscriptions to notifications in Settings > Notifications, and manage them […]

The Calendar Administrator Link Explained

With Teamup Calendar, the administrator link is the “control center” of your calendar. The default administrator link is named “Administrator.” It is created with each new calendar. The calendar creator receives the administrator link on screen and by email at the time when the new Teamup Calendar is created. The Administrator […]

How to Mark Tasks and Events as Complete

A Teamup Calendar can work well as a to-do list with scheduled tasks and events.  While not specifically designed to be a task management tool, Teamup does facilitate marking tasks and events as complete. This could be useful for tracking team projects, monitoring to-do lists, or keeping track of progress on projects. […]

Allow Users to Submit Requests or Add Events to Your Calendar

A common usage of a Teamup Calendar is allowing clients, a group of users, or members of an organization or community to schedule appointments or add events to a calendar directly. Allowing users to add directly to the calendar prevents the need for multiple emails and conversations. Teamup’s flexible method of […]

The Scheduler View

Scheduling people, facilities or booking rooms and items are typical tasks when working in a group context. You can view the schedule of individual resources side by side at any specific time using the Scheduler View.  Live Demo: Try the Scheduler View Now! How to use the Scheduler view First, […]

What to Check if Calendar Events are Not Showing

If you find your events are ‘disappearing’, or are not showing up after you add them, here are some things to check: Hidden sub calendars. It is possible that you may have inadvertently hidden the relevant sub calendar. You can show and hide events belonging to sub calendars by clicking on the […]

Hiding and Showing the Calendar’s Left Control Panel

Your Teamup Calendar has a control panel on the left-hand side. It is indicated in the screenshot below by the red square: All about the control panel Your Teamup Calendar’s control panel contains the following important items: Date picker: the monthly calendar at the top of the control panel makes it […]