How to Rename your Calendar

When initially creating your Teamup Calendar, you are required to provide a name for it:

Create Calendar - Name

But perhaps you ended up using your calendar for a different purpose and you wish to change your calendar name at a later stage?

Well you can do so, here are two ways to achieve this:

1. Change the overall name of the calendar

Go to Settings and to the Identity section and enter a new value for ‘Calendar Title’:

Change Calendar Title
Note that you have to be viewing your Teamup Calendar in a browser and with your administrator link to access the setting.

2.Change the name for just one instance of the calendar

What if you only want certain usages of the calendar to have different names? Perhaps your sales staff use the calendar for training and vacation days and your admin staff use it to enter their vacation days only. You can adapt the calendar accordingly by appending a calendar link.
To do this, append ?title= followed by the title value to the appropriate calendar link. Click on these links to see this in action:

Sales staff:
– Without title parameter:
– With title parameter:

Admin staff:
– Without title parameter:
– With title parameter:

See here for more on using Calendar Link Parameters in this way.


If you are wanting to change the names of your calendar’s sub calendars, which is the list of colour coded categories on the left hand side, then this is something different and can be done in Settings > Calendars as demonstrated here.


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