What to Do if You Cannot Access Your Teamup Calendar

If you see a blank page or an error message when trying to access your Teamup Calendar, you may be experiencing connectivity problems. Before contacting our support team, please try the following: Clear your browser’s cache and cookies, and try to open your calendar again. Try using a different browser and see […]

Does a Teamup Calendar Have an Invite or RSVP System?

Currently Teamup Calendar does not support email invitations to calendar events, or RSVP functionality. These features will be added in a future version. You can, however, easily invite people to events by sharing an event as a web page. You can then email the event page URL to the attendees of […]

Is Teamup Calendar Secure?

At Teamup Calendar, we take the security and privacy of your data very seriously. This article provides information about how Teamup protects your data, and suggests some steps you can take to maintain the security of your calendar. Calendar security with access links A basic level of security for a […]

Add Images to Event Details

Teamup Calendar allows you to upload or insert images directly into events. You can display them as inline images, in the List or Agenda view when the Details box is checked, as shown below. This feature makes it easy to create and share program itineraries, event brochures, party flyers, invitations, […]