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How to Use the Calendar’s Control Panel

The control panel, on the left-hand side, contains the date picker, calendar list, built-in filters,  and About box. You can collapse (hide) the control panel for more screen space.

All about the control panel

The control panel is indicated in the screenshot below by the red square:

Your Teamup Calendar’s control panel contains the following important items:

  • Date picker: the monthly calendar at the top of the control panel makes it easy to select a date to show in your current calendar view.
  • List of sub-calendars: the Calendars section shows all active sub-calendars for your Teamup Calendar. Currently hidden sub-calendars are shown with white lines over their title bar. Use the ⌃ to collapse the sub-calendar list.
  • Filters: the Filter section contains a keyword filter and a sub-calendar filter. It will also contain any filters for custom event field options. Use the ⌃ to collapse the Filter section.
  • About box: the About box is a section containing information helpful to calendar users. You can customize the information it contains or disable it altogether in Settings > General Settings. Use the ⌃ to collapse the About box.

Hide the control panel

The entire control panel can be collapsed by clicking on the double arrow button at the top right of the control panel.

This removes the sidebar from view and expands your calendar, as shown below:

Hide or show the entire control panel for your Teamup Calendar.
This calendar has a collapsed control panel. Click the double arrow button to open the control panel.


By collapsing the control panel, more space is available for your calendar and events. This can be especially useful for printing purposes. To show the control panel again, click the double arrow.

Default setting for control panel visibility

Calendar administrators can choose to whether the control panel is initially visible or collapsed:

  1. Go to Settings > General Settings.
  2. In the Sidebar section, choose Visible or Collapsed.

In scenarios where the available screen space for the calendar is very limited, it is recommended to keep the control panel collapsed by default. Users can show the control panel anytime by clicking the double arrow.

Control panel visibility in embedded calendars

When embedding a Teamup Calendar in a website, it is often better to hide the control panel sidebar to allow for more space for the calendar entries to be displayed. You can choose this option in the Teamup embed wizard. Or you can use a calendar link with a parameter appended to it for this purpose.

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Updated on May 16, 2023
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