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How to Customize Access Permissions or Share Only Selected Sub-Calendars

A Teamup Calendar always has at least one sub-calendar and can have multiple sub-calendars. These can be set up by the calendar administrator in Settings > Calendars.

Giving users access to Teamup is what we call sharing. Sharing a Teamup Calendar with others is done by means of unique calendar links.  The calendar administrator can create these links and configure the access permissions of each one.  See the full description of the permissions and how to share calendars.

Sharing selected sub-calendars

A common scenario for a Teamup Calendar is each person within a team having their own sub-calendar. The manager or coordinator of the team would ideally have access to all the sub-calendars. Each of the team members can be set up to view or modify only certain sub-calendars or only their own sub-calendar. When someone adds or updates an event, the name of the link used to do so is visible in the event footer.  See a use case example here.

How to customize access permissions

To share a Teamup Calendar in this manner, a calendar link should be created for each team member:

  • Go to Settings > Sharing and click on the ‘ + New Link’ button in the top right.
  • Name the link appropriately. For example, by name of team member (Linda) or by team (Design Team) or by project (Client 1 Design Project) or by space (Main Meeting Room).
  • Choose Selected Calendars from the Calendars Shared drop-down box.
  • Set the team member’s own calendar access to Modify. For example, Linda’s calendar link would be set to modify access to her own sub-calendar, and read-only access to Frank, Mark, and Sandy’s sub-calendars.

  • Setting a sub calendar to ‘Read-only’ means the team member will see the calendar but not be able to modify it. Setting it to ‘Not Shared’ will mean the team member won’t see the sub calendar at all.
  • Click on Save.
  • You can test the link out by clicking on it.
  • You should see a lock icon on the read-only calendars:

  • See the link name in the top right:

  • Send the links out to the appropriate team members.
  • The calendar administrator can return to Settings > Sharing at any stage and click on Edit to change the permissions for a calendar link, or delete it entirely:

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Updated on October 28, 2019