How to Rename your Calendar

When initially creating your Teamup Calendar, you are required to provide a name for it: But perhaps you ended up using your calendar for a different purpose and you wish to change your calendar name at a later stage? Well you can do so. And there are two ways to do […]

How to Use Teamup Notifications

Teamup Notifications allow users to be notified when changes are made to events on the calendar. The instructions below are for all users at all levels of access rights. If you have the administrator access to the calendar, you can get an overview of all subscriptions to notifications and manage them […]

The Calendar Administrator Link Explained

A Teamup Calendar administrator link is the key to the “control center” of your calendar. The default administrator link is named “Administrator” when a new calendar is created. It is shown in the top right of your calendar: Access to an administrator link means the ability to do the following via […]

How to Mark Tasks and Events as Complete

MARK TASKS AND EVENTS AS COMPLETE A Teamup Calendar can be set up to organise many things all in one place.  While it is not specifically designed to be a task management tool, it does facilitate marking tasks and events as complete. This could be useful for tracking team projects, monitoring to-do […]

The Scheduler View

Scheduling people, facilities or booking rooms and items are typical tasks when working in a group context. With a Teamup Calendar you can view the schedule of individual resources side by side at any specific time using the Scheduler View.  Live Demo: Try the Scheduler View Now! HOW TO USE […]

What to Check if Calendar Events are Not Showing

If you find your events are ‘disappearing’, or are not showing up after you add them, here are some things to check: Hidden sub calendars. It is possible that you may have inadvertently hidden the relevant sub calendar. You can show and hide events belonging to sub calendars by clicking on the […]

Hiding and Showing the Calendar’s Left Control Panel

Every Teamup Calendar has a control panel on the left hand side as indicated by the red block: It hosts the date picker, the list of sub calendars and optionally, the about box. It can be collapsed by clicking on the double arrow button to the top right of it: By collapsing it, more […]

What to do if you Cannot Access your Teamup Calendar

If you see a blank page or an error message when trying to browse to your Teamup Calendar, you may be experiencing connectivity problems. Please try the following: Clear your browser’s cache and cookies, and try to browse to your calendar again. Try using different browsers and see if this identifies one […]