• Use Unicode Characters for Custom Field Options

    Teamup supports three types of custom fields: text, numbers and choices (single or multiple choices). For a choice field, you may define choice options, which can be words, numbers, symbols, and unicode characters. Unicode characters allow you to build a field with icons as values. How a unicode field looks     A unicode…

  • How to Use a Single-choice Custom Field to Mark Event Status

    Quickly assign the status of a task or event, make the status visible directly on the calendar views, all without typing out the same words again and again. Even better, display the statuses of all events in a single column to gain clarity at a glance.

  • How to Create Custom Text Fields

    Use a single line custom field for organizing text information in the same category. The information is easier to find and can be displayed in event titles, in tooltips and in its own column on the Table view.

  • How to Configure Event Fields

    You can configure the built-in event fields and set defaults to be more suitable for your calendar. Custom fields are also configurable.

  • How to Use a Keyword Field to Tag and Track Context

    How to use one or more custom text fields to capture the context of any information easily. When the information is needed, filter for the context keyword or browse context keywords to retrieve the needed information.

  • How to Change the Order of Event Fields

    Teamup’s event fields are similar to columns on Excel that represent structured categories of information. If there are many fields, it may be helpful to change the order of the event fields and move the most important ones to the top (or to the left in the Table view).

  • How to Set Up an Event Field for Numerical Information

    If you would like to show numerical attributes of an event such as $20 or 50kg, create a number field which is a type of Teamup’s unique custom fields. You can add pre-fix or post-fix and see the sum in the Table view.

  • What are event fields?

    Event fields are fields on the event editor where you can include various types of information for the events on your Teamup calendar. The event fields show in the event editor below the calendar selection. The default event fields are Where, Who, and Description, as seen in the event editor…

  • What are event fields?

    Event fields are where you can include various types of information for the events on your Teamup calendar. You can create customized event fields.

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