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Use Unicode Characters for Custom Field Options

Teamup supports three types of custom fields: textnumbers and choices (single or multiple choices). For a choice field, you may define choice options, which can be words, numbers, symbols, and unicode characters. Unicode characters allow you to build a field with icons as values.

How a unicode field looks

The unicode choice options shown in the drop-down menu.


In calendar view, here’s how it looks with unicode choice option shown in the event title.


A unicode field in action

Here’s another example of unicode choice options, used to designate media types:

Then choose the correct option when creating an event for an easy visual that shows at-a-glance what the event is about:

Hover over any event for a preview of all the details.

How to set up a unicode field

All you have to do is copy the unicode icons and paste them into the “Name” field when configuring the custom field.

1. In Settings > Event Fields, create or edit a choice field. Copy and paste any unicode icon as the option name:

Note that the color set for each option here is the color of the rendered unicode icon.


2. To make the unicode icons visible in the calendar view, go to the Show in event title section and check Name:

Choose Name to show the unicode choice option in the event title.


Ready to try it out? Find the full list of unicode characters here. Experiment with a live demo or create a new Teamup calendar.

Updated on January 26, 2022
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